About Our Principal


I am very grateful that God the Father gives me the opportunity to serve children and parents and to teach children with the Truths of Bible which is the principle of helping us understand what is the right way to raise children.


I am attaining the Master’s degree of Parent Education at the Hong Kong Chinese University. I also attained the Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education, a Work Permit of Special Children Care and a Certificate for Kindergarten Principals of the Hong Kong Baptist University. “感覺統合理論與實習 家長證書課程” of Heep Hong Society, Christian Kindergarten Teacher Certificate, Teacher’s Music Workshop, Two Years Course of Quality English Language Education at Pre-primary Level Project of SCOLAR, Parents Certificate of Sensory Integration Theory and Internship,Certificate of the 6As of Parenting Lecturer, Certificate of Effective Leadership of Carnegie.


St. James’ Settlement Causeway Bay Kindergarten Child Care Centre became a network school under the activities of the Education Bureau of the HKSAR.Led by School Development Officer of Education Bureau, I joined with other networks schools’ principals and officers to share, observe and evaluate classes, aiming to enhance the teaching effectiveness.


In addition, I joined “National Day celebration and exchange activities in Beijing” organized by Education Bureau, aiming to continuously enhance professional leadership skills. During the journey, I visited various distinctive kindergartens and also “北大師範幼稚園” etc. Seminars and sharing sessions were held.


I have also been invited to lead our team to join a series of activities to promote teaching courses, i.e. 「遊戲中自由探索—區角遊戲」教學研究計劃2016、「創意科學實驗原來好簡單」工作坊、「2013動感學與教博覽-科學活動玩玩玩法」和「生活學習套澳門發佈會-科學課堂實踐經驗分享」. I also took a role of keynote speaker for these activities. Our school also launched “Teacher Resources Handbook - Little Scientist: Small Scale Experiment, Big Discovery ” to share successful results.


Our school has a stable teaching team and structure and we thanks to the recognition of the education industry and parents. We are committed to promoting quality parenting education, focusing on two way communication, expectation and beliefs of education and thus parents-school cooperation is achieved to give the best development and learning effectiveness to children.