Message from Principal


Leung Pik Shan Joanna(Principal)

I have been engaged in early childhood education for more than 20 years. In the twinkling of an eye, I have been serving in the St. James’ Settlement Causeway Bay Kindergarten Child Care Centre for nearly 20 years. Teachers and students have a very close relationship as we are a whole-day kindergarten. After children graduated from kindergarten, their parents and them become our friends and we always talk about children’s academic results or family pressure with parents. I am also a mother, so I deeply understand that parents are facing much pressure. My mission is to let the seeds of the gospel be scattered in the heart of children, let children at an early age know the Lord Jesus who is our Good friend and offers help anytime. Thus, they are not alone when they encounter difficulties.

I always encourage, love, praise every child that I meet. To make society understand what early childhood education really is, the peers from early childhood education should voice out for the children and let people know what the children need. Children are unique and independent individuals, like a book “六A的力量” recommended by the Hong Kong Character City, there is a famous saying:You can lie to a liar, fool a fool but you can never be kidding a child.

Children need to be loved, accepted and respected. Early childhood education should provide enough room for children to learn but not pushing them to catch up the curriculum. Thus, we should allow children to find out the new knowledge on their own during everyday learning process. The adults’ expectation on early childhood education, affecting whether children enjoy learning and learning is appropriate for children’s needs. I have read a very good article “Learn to be a mother of dolphin” and it reminds me that we should not just say “you are not allowed to...” but we should care about the interest of children and nurture them to be good at communicating.

I anticipate that St. James’ Settlement Causeway Bay Kindergarten can help children to be self confident, love the Lord Jesus and others.

“It always protects, always trust, always hopes, always perseveres” (Corinthians 13:7). This wise old saying motivates me to believe that early childhood education is still promising if we continue moving forward. 15-years free education has brought us a new prospect. Thus, we must build a team with ambition to make a contribution for our children.