The development of children’s affection and social ability begins from knowing self-emotion and building self-image. With family or at school life, children accumulates social experiences through interactive activities and they can recognize their own individual values, learn attitudes and skills of getting along with others. We encourage and help children to know their thoughts and emotions and they should express their feelings and thoughts in appropriate language and through any other nonverbal ways. We cultivate children’s good character from childhood, enhance their affection and social ability, let them know their own emotions and build self-image. We expect that children can know their own individual values, develop right attitudes to get along with others and learn any skills that they need.

Our school organizes monthly children’s worship to teach children with Bible Truth. Apart from this, every year, we set three themes related to “Character” and implement various activities in three stages. At stage three , we will showcase the results and let children practice in person until they achieve “Good at Character, Confident, Love the Lord and Love the Others”.

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